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Accounting is the most important and most neglected business function. Businesses without an efficient bookkeeping system is 50% more likely to fail so you will want to invest your time making money and not "accounting for it"! QuickBooks has become the lifeline of small businesses and our culture requires us to depend on having precise financial data available at a moments notice.

You can save time and money by utilizing the services of an experienced Bookkeeper who can customize a package of bookkeeping service that will best fit your companies specific needs. Whether you are looking to outsource all of your bookkeeping needs or reduce the bookkeeping demands on your administrative staff, I can design a plan to provide you with accurate and timely reports of your business's financial status.

Some business owners ask if they still need a Bookkeeper if they know how to use QuickBooks. So let me answer that for you. There is more to bookkeeping that just inputting your data. You must know how to post your data correctly. For example, some items can be classified as assets and depreciated and some should be posted as an expense against income. These are situations that an experienced and knowledgeable Bookkeeper will know. This is something I always stress to my clients - using a knowledgeable and  experienced Bookkeeper will save you a lot money because it is more cost effective to do it right from the beginning or it will be very costly to pay a Bookkeeper to clean up a big mess.




I have provided Bookkeeping services to clients in many different industries including:

Real Estate

Automotive Repair

Automotive Retail Sales

Construction Trades & Contracting

Wealth Management

Biomedical Services

Doctor's/Medical Facilities

Oil Industry


Retail Sales

Engineering Firms

Media Industry

Software Industry

Fitness Industry

Insurance Industry

Appliance Repair


Serving the entire

Phoenix and

Houston metro areas


I offer weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly QuickBooks consulting, training,

Bookkeeping and clean up.

These services may include:


**QuickBooks installation, implementation

and/or training.



**Bookkeeping clean up

**Custom set up of invoices, chart of accounts, list items

**Billing and Invoicing

**Bank Account Reconciliation including complex recs

**Accounts Payable

**Accounts Receivable

**Enter credit card transactions

**Reconcile credit card accounts

**Create invoices/estimates for customers

**Make Journal Entries

**Prepare financial Statements

**Customized Reports & Charts specific to your business

**Payroll processing, payroll deposits and payroll tax returns.

**Payment of bills and recording cash receipts.

**Data entry verification

**Year end preparation of W-2's, 1099's, W-3 and 1096

**City and State audit assistance

**Insurance audits


**Routine bookkeeping maintenance


**Completion & submission of sales tax returns.


**Oversight Services to monitor the progress of your trained personnel


**Liaison with your CPA for tax reporting


**Professional file organization


**Miscellaneous administrative assistance



I can help you navigate and apply for the PPP program and help when it comes time to apply for the forgiveness. If you participate in the PPP it is vital that you keep your books current to be able to provide accurate financials when completing the forgiveness portion of the PPP.

Bring glory to God in all we do.

Colossians 3:23-24

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